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Soil Excavation and Disposal

The Cannington Group - Soil ExcavationWhen a contaminant is accidentally released, soil is usually the first material to be contaminated.
The Cannington Group provides the experienced staff needed to quickly and accurately make the determination on how best to handle removal of the contaminant and also provides the personnel needed to safely and efficiently excavate the materials and transport them for treatment and disposal. We handle both Hazardous and Non Hazardous soils.

The Cannington Group has implemented remediation plans for soil and groundwater contaminated with petroleum products, chlorinated and non-chlorinated solvents, heavy metals, PCBs, mercury and hydrocarbons. We have used both traditional remediation methods as well as innovative techniques to ensure our clients of the most cost effective solutions for their projects.

The Cannington Group - Soil ExcavationIn addition The Cannington Group offers a full line of earth excavation equipment. We provide industrial, commercial, and residential services. All Cannington projects are designed to meet the expectations of the client.

The Cannington Group provides general earthworks, landfill excavation and cell development, sheet piling, dredging, slope stabilization and much more.

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