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Landfill Reclamation

We in Ontario generate approximately 12-13 million tonnes of non-hazardous solid waste and even with our various recycling programs still more than 10 million tonnes is land filled with over 1/3 being disposed of in Michigan. With the border closing, increasing consumption and population rates, difficulty in permitting not only new landfills but also expansions of existing ones we will exceed our available capacity in the very near future.

The Cannington Group - Landfill Reclamation One immediate solution to this problem is landfill reclamation. This remediation technique has already been used extensively in Europe for many years, this remediation involves the excavation of old landfill areas, processing of the waste and cover material, recycling/recovering as much recyclable material as possible to recover valuable landfill space that will extend the life of existing landfills.

This process involves excavation, screening, and/or shredding, removal of recyclable materials, replacement, as well as repacking of waste and cover material to recover valuable landfill space. It involves the use of heavy equipment including track excavators, trommel screeners, waste shredders, mobile conveyors/stackers, wheel/track loaders, and landfill compaction equipment.

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