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Certificates of Approval

C of A's C of A
Operation of a waste management system including collection, haulage, and transportation of non-hazardous liquid waste class numbers 146, 211, 212, 213, 221, 222, 251, 252, 253, 254, inc. non-hazardous solid industrial waste including asbestos waste in bulk, contaminated soil and other waste spill clean-up materials. A840278
C of A Waste Disposal Site  
Mobile Bioremediation System-Waste Disposal Site #8520-6C2GTN
C of A (Air)  
Mobile Screening Plants (4), & Shredder (1 screener + 1 shredder)-Air #3544-6KZPWU
Mobile Crushing Units (3) - (used alone) Air #4447-6CKL4Q
Mobile Screening Plant (used alone) - Air #4892-CHNVG
Mobile Bioremediation System - Air #2495-67JSUS
C of A Waste Management System  
Mobile Screening Plants (4), Mobile Crushing Plants (3) & Shredder (when using 1 screener + 1 shredder or 1 crusher on any given site) #5478-6JDRMF
C of A Sewage Works  
Mobile Sewage Works (5) c/w separator, GAC treatment and activated alumina and discharge to the natural environment #8848-65XL2W


Technical Standards and Safety Authority
  • Technical Standards and Safety Authority T.S.S.A
  • Ontario Contractors Registration Number 0029484001

Company Affiliations

  • Member of OPCA - Ontario Petroleum Contractors Association - Charter Member
  • Member of PEI - Petroleum Equipment Institute
  • Member of RCO- Recycling Council of Ontario
  • Member of CSAO- Construction Safety Association of Ontario
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